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  • 6 January 2015
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Cloud ERP Customization Features

All Epicor Cloud ERP editions come complete with robust functionality for both small and large enterprises. However, Epicor ERP 10 is distinguished by its provision of extremely rich customization capabilities that allow customers to map ERP services to business processes, redefine service behavior, and create new user experiences to maximize user productivity. All these capabilities are available for multi-tenant Cloud customers through Epicor Business Process Management and the Epicor Customization Framework.



Customizable Server and Client in Epicor SaaS

Business Process Management

Epicor Business Process Management (BPM) allows administrators to redefine service behavior with customized rules. Virtually all the nearly 20,000 service operations that comprise ERP 10 can be intercepted and incorporated into a rules-based workflow. BPM workflows can be triggered to run before, instead of, or after the baseline processing. For updates to application data, these rules can be executed within the overall transaction or asynchronously after changes are committed to the database.


Epicor Business Process Management (BPM) Rules

BPM also includes “business holds,” user-defined artifacts used to constrain or route processing logic. BPM directives and business holds work together to build complex business processes. Directives may interrupt the normal processing sequence to query the user for an approval or for more information.

Other directive activities include attaching and removing data tags and business holds, and evaluating static or data-driven conditions.


Rules-Based Directives

Most BPM directives are configured using easy rules wizards, similar to rules editing in Microsoft Outlook®. All rules are stored as metadata resources, so there is no impact when ERP is updated with new features and capabilities.

Customization Framework

The Epicor ERP 10 Customization Framework provides a fast and effective way to create unique, rich, and productive user experiences. The ERP 10 Client Application includes an embedded integrated development environment (IDE) that allows controls to be moved, dropped, or added. Administrators can create multiple customized versions of any form, each linked to the navigational menus and individually secured.

Developers can declare dynamic “row rules” to create data-driven behaviors such as changing color or style. Additionally, form logic can be created in C# or VB.NET and assigned to form, panel, or control events. All customizations are managed and stored as metadata on the server, and are automatically distributed to users.


Rich Customization

Finally, a personalization layer is reserved to allow individuals control of the colors, look, and feel of their ERP system. Users (with sufficient permission) can launch the ERP 10 Runtime Styling Tool (RST) at any time when running the ERP 10 Client Application. With the RST active, users can hover the cursor over form and menu areas to see what resources are present and how they can be modified. Individual style choices can be collected and shared with other individuals, or across the enterprise.

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