Understanding ERP Deployment Choices – Part 2 of 4 – From an Epicor White Paper

  • 16 December 2014
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Epicor® Cloud ERP

Providing users with a range of choices for the best fit for their specific requirements, Epicor ERP 10 is architected for universal deployment: on premise, in the cloud, or some combination of the two. This flexibility is possible because Epicor does not dilute its product development, support, or services resources by dividing the ERP source code into on-premise and cloud-based editions. Epicor also believes that its investments to make ERP amenable to cloud computing greatly benefit all customers, even those running ERP on premise.

Epicor ERP was architected from the ground up with multi-tenancy in mind through company and other natural isolation, as well as with security partitions built into the ERP product. Epicor ERP 10 is built on an all-new, managed code server platform. Its performance characteristics were modeled around 1.6GHz CPU cores, which are the basic unit of compute in public cloud infrastructures such as Microsoft Azure; so ERP applications are specified to run acceptably at that 1.6GHz clock rate. Further, Epicor ERP 10 is built on Microsoft .NET, the Windows® Communications Foundation and Microsoft® ServiceBus, which work together to make sure ERP instances can reliably communicate with each other and client applications in local or widely distributed deployments.

ERP 10 also is certified to run in virtualized environments using Microsoft Hyper-V® or VMware®; this is one reason it is easily deployed to public cloud resources. Epicor customers can host ERP 10 for themselves on public cloud resources or using on-premise infrastructure; Epicor supports both options. Even if ERP itself is deployed on premise, cloud resources can be useful for managing database backups, hosting companion systems such as eCommerce, or for disaster recovery. This feature is consistent with a recent assertion of industry analyst Gartner about the direction of ERP: “The ERP suite is being deconstructed into postmodern ERP that will result in a more federated, loosely coupled ERP environment with much of the functionality sourced as cloud services or via business process outsourcers.”


The Advent of Postmodern ERP

Cloud infrastructure may not perform as well as on-premise hardware, so implementers looking to deploy ERP in the cloud need to understand any compute or I/O limitations well ahead of time. For high transaction ERP systems, general-purpose cloud resources likely won’t provide sufficient input/output capacity (IOPs) to run ERP adequately. Epicor recommends administrators acquire premium cloud resources with the highest possible IOPs. ERP systems hosted by Epicor—whether subscription-based or not—run on systems optimized for online transaction processing (OLTP) applications as well as Epicor ERP 10 itself.

Epicor ERP 10 Cloud Editions

All Epicor Cloud ERP subscriptions are managed and constantly updated by the Epicor Cloud Operations Team. Any serious software bugs or defects are promptly deployed across all physical applicable instances and tenancies. As released, new features are routinely deployed into multi-tenant instances multiple times a year. Available service updates for single-tenant subscriptions are coordinated with customers coordinated with customer to ensure the system evolves in accordance with the business and technical requirements of the customers operations.


Epicor Multi-Tenant SaaS

Epicor multi-tenant SaaS includes automatic management of an auxiliary tenancy for pilot or training purposes. Production data (subject to security and other operational requirements) is copied into the pilot area monthly. This gives users a chance to learn about the ERP system or develop new processes or reports using their own data. Service updates that include feature enhancements are also deployed into the pilot area ahead of production availability, so customers can explore new capabilities, provide feedback to Epicor and prepare their own users for the upcoming upgrade.

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