The Rise of Mobile Access to Your ERP Data – Part 6 in a 7 Part Series

  • 8 January 2014
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In today’s environment, mobile solutions are seen as core drivers of organizations pushing to gain operational efficiencies over their competitors.  According to a recent report from Aberdeen Group, “enterprise mobile apps in 2013 are no longer ‘nice to have’—they’ve become essential enablers of organizational transformation, by increasing operational efficiency, accelerating time-to-decision, deepening customer engagement, and streamlining workflow processes.” (Source: Aberdeen Group, “Enterprise-Grade Mobile Apps: Powering Organizational Transformation,” by Andrew Borg, April 2013.)

Cre8tive Technology ( will be posting a weekly seven part series on The Rise of Mobile Access to Your ERP Data.

Part One            Introduction

Part Two            Who is a Mobile User?

Part Three         Types of Mobile Devices

Part Four           Why the Shift?

Part Five            Why Epicor?

Part Six             Benefits to the Company & End-User

Part Seven         Future of Mobile

Benefits to the Company and End User

Benefits to the Company:
For a company that is using Epicor applications, there are a lot of advantages to using Epicor mobile solutions instead of third party applications.

• Experience in mobile applications

• As publishers of Epicor applications, understand the data structure and workflow

• Integration is maintained by Epicor

• Easy to implement

• Can be used on purpose built devices, handhelds, smartphones, and tablets

• Secure connection

• Easy user maintenance

• Forms toolset is easy to use and add company specific workflows

Benefits to the End User:
The end users will appreciate the ease of use within Epicor mobile applications.  Instead of having to do their work in a vacuum out in the field, and then update data once they get back to the shop, workers can immediately access ERP and act upon it right there, eliminating errors or the lag to get the data into the system.  For executives, they are able to see a real-time view of what is happening out in the field and have accurate and faster times to decision when it is needed, giving them the confidence that what and how business is being conducted follows their strategic initiatives.

As workers spend more time remotely, utilizing Epicor mobile provides the flexibility to get access to the data anytime from any device, based on your policies and security requirements.  This makes for a more productive and happy workforce.

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