The Rise of Mobile Access to Your ERP Data – Part 4 in a 7 Part Series

  • 2 December 2013
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In today’s environment, mobile solutions are seen as core drivers of organizations pushing to gain operational efficiencies over their competitors.  According to a recent report from Aberdeen Group, “enterprise mobile apps in 2013 are no longer ‘nice to have’—they’ve become essential enablers of organizational transformation, by increasing operational efficiency, accelerating time-to-decision, deepening customer engagement, and streamlining workflow processes.” (Source: Aberdeen Group, “Enterprise-Grade Mobile Apps: Powering Organizational Transformation,” by Andrew Borg, April 2013.)

Cre8tive Technology ( will be posting a weekly seven part series on The Rise of Mobile Access to Your ERP Data.

Part One                Introduction

Part Two               Who is a Mobile User?

Part Three            Types of Mobile Devices

Part Four            Why the Shift?

Part Five               Why Epicor?

Part Six                 Benefits to the Company & End-User

Part Seven            Future of Mobile

Why the Shift?

User pressure to be able to access ERP data is not the only compelling reason there is to adopt mobile ERP solutions.  We also see influence from companies themselves as mandate to gain operational efficiencies and providing a competitive differentiation as drivers.  Mobile accessibility is identified to be one of the core drivers of process realignment, improving collaboration and communication and offering a new channel for products and services to gain these efficiencies and differentiation.  Studies have shown a year over year increase in demand for these disciplines to be implemented.

During process realignment, this is driving the requirements in mobile application for things such as approvals, notifications, business intelligence, product and contact management and work queue management.  Instead of having to go to a traditional workstation to access these functions, companies are able to see the benefits of moving this functionality to a mobile form factor.  Mobile users are quickly able to engage in their day-to-day activities and work more efficiently.

Once a custom software solution is implemented to provide access to ERP data on mobile devices, users are able to provide feedback and make changes to daily issues as they present themselves.  Allowing better communication and collaboration based on data transparency for the whole organization as that organization works on the challenges.  By having these real-time transactions in executive hands, there is a shorter time to decisions, which helps organizations gain the efficiencies that are required.

As the back office employees are putting in price changes, new and complementary products into the ERP system, front office field personal are quickly notified on their mobile device.  In addition, they can quickly see order status, place orders and receive service acknowledgements.  This allows the field to provide better customer service and also allows them to upsell products and services.

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