Supplier Part List Approval: Epicor ERP Custom Software Solution

  • 2 December 2013
  • cre8
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Supplier Part Lists are a way which Standard Epicor Software provides its users, to be able to setup specific prices and price breaks for specific parts, for specific customers. This allows a very specific pricing setup which can be maintained at a supplier or part level, giving the user the ability to setup orders and have part prices change automatically based on the price list selected (at the order level) saving time by not having to go and search for a price and then manually set it in the order. The user might face situations in which these supplier price lists need to be approved before being available for use; this is currently not supported by Standard Software.

A custom software solution has been created which allows the user to approve newly created Price Lists and track the username which approves them in the actual Supplier Price List screen, as well as a dashboard which shows all of this information in a more detailed way:

I. UD Fields

  • A “Quote approved” checkbox field (VendPart.CheckBox01) has been added to the form with the following characteristics:
    • Updateable by the user
    • Defaulted to false
    • On Update to true the “Approved By:” field will change to show the current UserID logged in to Epicor who updated the checkbox
    • An “Approved By” Short Character field has been added to the form with the following characteristics:
      • Read-Only, non-updateable by the user
      • Defaulted to blank
      • On Update of the “Quote Approved” checkbox to true, this field will update to show the UserID logged in to Epicor who updated the checkbox.


On change of box to ‘TRUE’ the “Approved By” field changes to the current USER ID logged in to E9.


The dashboard has three sections:

  • Filters section: The user is able to filter results by Part Number or User ID. Every time a new value is entered in the filters section or changed, the user must click “Refresh” to populate the filtered results. If no filters are present, all entries are shown:



On click of refresh, the dashboard populates.

  • The Main Price List information section is a grid that shows the main Information for the Price List:


  • The Price Break Info section includes the Price breaks depending on the line chosen in the Main Grid:


Once this solution is implemented, the user not only has the ability to approve new Price Lists and store the ID of the user who made the approval, but also run a dashboard that will give it a global look at Parts and Suppliers along with its approval status and User IDs without having to go and look at each individual Price List Detail.

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