Streamline Software Implementations with Tailored Industry Deployment Models Part 4 of 4 from an Epicor White Paper

  • 6 April 2015
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Prepopulated Databases

Another way to accelerate an implementation is to incorporate prepopulated master tables into the ERP solution. Commonly used areas such as Freight Carriers, ISO Country Codes, Harmonized Shipping Codes, Currency Codes, etc. can be already populated and will eliminate the need to enter this information into empty tables during the implementation process. This time-saving technique also frees up resources to do more important tasks during the implementation project. Additional simplified input and informational screens can also be preloaded into the ERP system, offering options to the project team in determining how best to get information into and out of the system.

Enabling Users

The implementation cannot be considered a success without knowledgeable end users who have adopted the solution and are using it to its fullest. Having training content readily available for each major step of the business process helps ensure that both during and after the implementation, the end users have step-by-step guidance to work through the specific business processes in the ERP system. It is helpful to have the training content launch directly from within the business processes to save time and eliminate distractions.


Industry Deployment Models are an indispensable component of a new ERP system, and inject the software with a wealth of industry-specific best practices and tools. Not using such a kit leaves software users to develop all of this knowledge and all of these tools themselves, prolonging the implementation process and ignoring the hard-won experience of their software vendors.


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