Streamline Software Implementations with Tailored Industry Deployment Models Part 3 of 4 from an Epicor White Paper

  • 26 March 2015
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Process Review

The cornerstone for developing an effective “rapid implementation template” or “Industry Deployment Model” is the ability to conduct a thorough process review that includes a greater conceptual understanding and ownership of standard processes, and use of graphical models as the repository of the project documentation and project continuity.


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During this initial implementation phase, make sure that an experienced  ERP consultant guides the organization’s project team through a review of the recommended industry-specific best practice business processes as developed by the vendor’s experts on that particular product. It is important to review the business processes and appropriate activity stages that have been mapped to steer the implementation team through the best way to run their business using the new ERP system.

Deviations from the best practice flow should also be noted and discussed, and if necessary, flagged for further action and review during this very early implementation phase. Then, if these processes require additional development in the toolset, the resource and time requirements have been captured and documented.

The completed process review is not a static model gathering dust, but becomes the dynamic template from which the rest of the implementation is guided, and is also updated to reflect changes made later as new or different processes are defined. In short, it offers a proven track along which the ERP implementation can smoothly accelerate, maintain momentum, and quickly reach the goals set by the customer.

Dashboards to Manage Success

Managing a business becomes much easier when vital data is readily available. When evaluating rapid deployment options, it is highly recommended to have industry-specific dashboards that can be used both during the implementation, and also in all areas of the business processes afterwards. Consider using dashboards that incorporate a graphical representation of the business data, making it easy to understand and better manage the business. Although most dashboards should be ready to use “out of the box,” it is recommended to ensure that the dashboards can be easily modified if the need arises. The dashboards should also be easily distributed in order to share business-critical information throughout the organization.


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