Streamline Software Implementations with Tailored Industry Deployment Models: Part 2 of 4 from an Epicor White Paper

  • 16 March 2015
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Rapid Implementation Kit and Industry Deployment Models

Another area of ERP implementations where improvements are sometimes needed is the delivery of useful “out of the box” features and functionality such as reports and dashboards. Often, the tremendous flexibility and configurability of the software tools is touted by the ERP provider during the sales process. However, before any of these tools can be used by the end user, there is either a learning curve for development time by the organization’s IT personnel, or a cost to pay the ERP vendor’s consultants to develop the functionality. Only after investing in this time or cost can the first tools be delivered to the customer for use, either during their implementation or as part of their go-forward business processes.

If all of these best practice solutions, business process models, and pre-developed functions were already tailored to specific industry verticals (again drawing on the cumulative experience of the ERP vendor’s developers, consultants, and customers), then the solution could be further tailored for a new organization working in that vertical. With newly installed ERP software already geared for a specific line of business, the project team could speed through the implementation towards a faster return on investment.

The solution to the various issues described above is a rapid implementation kit—incorporating many standard components that ERP users will find useful, offering a template to follow during the implementation, and serving to accelerate and simplify the process. Preconfiguring the “empty” ERP system during installation with tools specific to the organization’s industry segment will jump start the project and reduce effort for both the internal project team and the ERP vendor’s consultants. Providing a rich graphical best practices model will help to finalize the specific business processes and then serve as a foundation for the solution testing and eventual end-user education. This will also eliminate painstaking documentation of all the decisions reached during the business process review (described in the following section).

For example, Epicor Software has developed Industry Deployment Models for specific industry verticals, to serve as these “rapid implementation kits.” Containing software pre-configurations, enriched education components, and a toolset of dashboards and reports, as well as an industry-specific, best practices graphical business process model, an Industry Deployment Model is designed to accelerate businesses through all the phases of the ERP software implementation.

Preloaded tables speed basic system setup. Dashboards assist with both data validation during data conversion and development of business process proofs-of-concept. Enhanced education incorporating the graphical business process model and embedded instructional videos accelerate end-user comprehension and capabilities. Incorporating all of these components provides the organization with a comprehensive toolset to help them achieve a successful implementation.


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