Shipping ERP Solutions

Cre8tive Technology & Design is here to implement your E2 Ship extension for Epicor. E2 Ship, powered by Source, is a powerful integration tool that seamlessly links the Epicor ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution with shipping software used by major shipping carriers.

By integrating E2 Ship and Epicor ERP, you can enable the ultimate shipping ERP solution, reduce costs and meet your customers’ needs with efficient shipping processes.

Creating a link between the Epicor ERP and a manufacturer’s carrier shipping software can be extremely beneficial to any company, regardless of industry. By providing a way to transfer vital information between the two systems, shipping costs are reduced and overall efficiencies are improved.

Contact us today to learn more about E2 Ship. We use the latest technology to optimize your ERP shipping software.

Benefits of Our E2 Ship Solution

Suited for companies that ship less than 5,000 packages per day, E2 Ship has many benefits when linked with the Epicor ERP system.

  • E2 Ship enables a seamless integration between the Epicor ERP and standard shipping software platforms including Fed Ex, UPS,, DHL, Spee Dee and more.
  • It eliminates the need to change current shipping interfaces.
  • With E2 Ship, there will be no employee learning curve, as known shipping software is utilized.
  • E2 Ship enables operational shipping stations in hours, not days.
  • No server is required to use E2 Ship.
  • E2 Ship reduces shipping costs and systems are automatically updated to include negotiated rates and contract offerings.
  • As a modern shipping solution, E2 Ship has international shipping capabilities.
  • E2 Ship is certified with all versions of E9 and E10.

Benefits of Our E2 Ship for LTL Solutions

Manufacturing companies that rely on LTL shipments can also greatly benefit from the E2 Ship integration with Epicor ERP by utilizing Banyan, the leading subscription-based LTL solution provider.

Benefits include:

  • Live carrier connection comparisons during order entry and shipping.
  • The ability to better manage carrier relationships.
  • Easier capabilities to monitor the transportation process.
  • Visibility that instantly reduces freight spend.
  • Capturing reports on carrier performance and client costs.
  • Data mining opportunities for better carrier negotiations.
  • The ability to rate-shop for LTL in real time.

Learn more about our advanced shipping ERP extension, E2 Ship.

Reduce Shipping Costs and Improve Efficiencies with E2 Ship

Cre8tive Technology & Design is an expert ERP consulting team. We are able to seamlessly integrate your Epicor ERP and shipping software using E2 Ship. We are the perfect choice for ERP shipping solutions thanks to our ability to make E2 Ship work for your business:

  • We complete custom Epicor ERP integrations to meet the specific shipping needs of your company.
  • We can scale the E2 Ship solution to fit the needs of any organization, from emerging enterprises to global corporations. We make E2 Ship work for you.
  • With vast experience working with multiple industries, we can enable E2 Ship to easily interface with common shipping platforms and integrate E2 Ship for companies utilizing LTL shipments, resulting in lower costs and greater efficiency.

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Why Work with Cre8tive?

  • The highly experienced team at Cre8tive Technology & Design has many years of experience successfully integrating E2 Ship software with Epicor ERP. We are an expert team that enables customers to make the most of their technology. With Cre8tive Technology & Design as your Epicor integrations partner, you can rest assured you’ll have the support you need, from the initial stages of integration to project completion and beyond. We also offer training that empowers your employees to make the most of your software. Our staff specializes in working with customers that need advanced shipping solutions, and we can customize E2 Ship to meet your business objectives.

    As a Platinum Epicor Partner, we are a widely recognized team, proud to have been awarded Epicor Global and Epicor US Partner of the Year awards on many occasions. We’ve also been found on CIOReview’s list of the 20 Most Promising ERP Solution Providers.
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