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The right distribution ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution can enable distribution companies to seamlessly meet deadlines, reduce costs and increase margins.

The highly experienced team at Cre8tive Technology & Design has worked closely with these organizations across industries to implement the Epicor ERP solution and improve efficiencies.  Epicor ERP, as a Cre8tive distribution solution, is designed to meet the specific needs of distributors like you. It offers solutions to challenges relating to inventory allocation, financial management and more.  

The Epicor ERP for distribution is a powerful business tool that can be integrated with your existing software to streamline operations.   

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Benefits of Our Distribution ERP Solution

Epicor ERP can greatly improve your internal business processes in the following ways:

  • Improve lead and turnaround time from order to shipment.
  • Instantaneously access inventory reports.
  • Meet strict deadlines with product data management solutions.
  • Reduce waste and optimize efficiencies to minimize costs and improve margins.  
  • Make material handling more organized than ever before.

Epicor ERP is a high-performance solution that is fully scalable and can be custom-configured to meet the needs of distribution companies, no matter the size.

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Distribution ERP Software with Measurable Results

Here are just a few reasons why Cre8tive Technology & Design stands out as an Epicor ERP industry leader:

  • We are experts in ERP solutions for distribution and have partnered with many distribution companies to implement global ERP solutions.
  • The right distribution ERP software can have a measureable impact on the way distribution businesses operate. We have successfully helped distributors streamline operations, decrease expenses and increase profits by implementing Epicor ERP with auto allocation.
  • Our work with Epicor ERP for distribution enables business owners to meet strict operational requirements.

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Why Work with Cre8tive?

Cre8tive Technology & Design has many years of experience helping distribution companies make the most of the powerful Epicor ERP software. We specialize in Epicor solutions for the manufacturing and distribution industries. We are uniquely qualified to implement the Epicor ERP and offer custom solutions to help you succeed.

As experts in Epicor ERP, we are here to complete a successful integration and provide the support you need from the initial stages of planning to completion. We will support you before, during and after your Epicor ERP solution goes live. Our team also provides training to enable your team to make the most of your new, innovative software.

We are proud to have received recognition for our work, in the form of a Platinum partnership with Epicor, and multiple Epicor Global and US Partner of the Year awards. Bob Scott also named us among the Top 100 VARS in the industry.

Meet the team, and learn more about our awards.
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