Cre8tive Distribution Expertise 

Distribution companies are under constant pressure to meet deadlines, streamline their operations, reduce costs and increase margins. These challenges must be met with powerful business tools that can be seamlessly integrated into organizations within this dynamic industry.   

The highly experienced team at Cre8tive Technology & Design has worked closely with distribution companies in many different business sectors to implement the Epicor ERP solution into their daily operations.  Epicor ERP with the Cre8tive Distribution solution is designed to meet the specific needs of the distribution industry, by offering solutions to challenges regarding inventory allocation, financial management and more.   

Our Distribution Solution

Epicor ERP can greatly improve the internal business process of any distribution company in the following key ways.

  • Quick turnarounds from order to shipment.
  • Inventory reports are always current.   
  • Product data management capabilities help meet strict deadlines and material movement needs.   
  • Epicor ERP is high performance, fully scalable and can be custom configured to any size organization.

Cre8tive Technology & Design offers strategies that will improve lead times, reduce waste and make material handling more efficient than ever before. Over the years, we have partnered with many distribution companies to implement a global ERP solution that has streamlined their business process, met strict operational requirements and had a measureable impact on efficiency, productivity and margins.    

Why Work with Cre8tive?

Cre8tive Technology & Design is the premier leader in configuring and implementing the powerful Epicor ERP solution into many industries and business sectors. Our vast amount of experience and team of highly knowledgeable experts makes us uniquely qualified to successfully integrate the Epicor ERP into your organization and support you to help your employees optimize its capabilities. Learn more here about why so many companies in a wide variety of industries have chosen us to be their trusted partner.

Cre8tive Technology & Design has many years of experience helping distribution companies integrate the powerful Epicor ERP solution into their organizations. By implementing Epicor ERP with Auto Allocation, we have successfully helped the distribution industry, streamline operations, decrease expenses and increase profits. Here are just some of the reasons why Cre8tive Technology & Design stands out as an Epicor ERP industry leader for distribution companies.
  • National presence.
  • We can expertly scale the Epicor ERP solution to fit any size organization, from emerging enterprises to global corporations.
  • Our team includes many industry experts, including APICs specialists, Black Belts, Green Belts, CPA’s and PMP’s.
  • Cre8tive’s mission is to help our customers optimize the capabilities of the Epicor ERP solution throughout the life of the technology platform, not only during the implementation and go-live periods, but also through ongoing support and employee training.
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