Collabor8te Implementation Framework

The Cre8tive Technology & Design Epicor Implementation Framework is a time-tested methodology for upgrading a current ERP system or implementing a new one. Our Framework is fully scalable to accommodate any sized company or level of complexity. The process is an organized, systematic and cost effective way to implement change management software, with the unique needs of every customer foremost in mind. The framework model allows us to plan, schedule and control project tasks, all within the customer’s constraints of time, cost and scope. The end goal of these endeavors is a digital transformation of the business process for more productive results, increased efficiencies and improved ROI.

The Keys to A Successful Implementation

The Cre8tive implementation methodology can be broken into three distinct phases.

Pre Sales – Statement of Work (SOW) document is developed by specifying the processes and process modifiers that clearly identify the scope of the project, with strict adherence to proven best practices for each phase of the implementation strategy.

Plan -The planning phase of the project includes a review of current business operations, processes and tools being utilized. From there, a comprehensive roadmap is created to specifically address how new technology will be implemented, with specific attention being given to the unique needs of the customer’s business and industry.

Build - Cre8tive consultants will direct the company’s core implementation team through a series of two to three week build sessions. Each session will start with a week of consultant led work packages, which will be followed by team members testing and evaluating the software being implemented. System testing will continue until everything has been evaluated from end-to-end and for all business specific scenarios. Any advanced and/or third-party tools will be then installed, training conducted, and implemented into the business process testing. Similarly, customizations, forms, dashboards, etc. will be vetted and if necessary, developed and validated. Data transformation will be planned and executed as the data formats are defined for each process.

Deploy – This final stage leads the team through end user training, go-live preparations and post go-live support, including a first month end audit. 

Why Cre8tive Technology and Design?

The process of implementing a new ERP solution or upgrading and existing one at an enterprise scale can be complex and should be managed only by knowledgeable professionals who have extensive experience in these endeavors. The experts at Cre8tive Technology & Design have developed an extremely sucessful implementation framework strategy that is highly efficient and minimizes operational disruption. Our proven approach to implementing ERP based, change management software solutions is fully adaptable to any size business and industry.

Our four-phase implementation process of Scope, Planning, Build and Deploy are specifically designed to address every aspect of the ERP transition process, while at the same time keeping the unique needs of the organization as the top priority.

Cre8tive's mission is to help our customers optimize the capabilities of the Epicor ERP solution throughout the life of the technology platform, including during the implementation phase, go-live period, as well as by providing ongoing support and employee training.

Here are just some of the reasons why our Collabor8te Implementation Framework strategies have been so successful for our clients over the years

  • Top Epicor Partner for 10+ years
  • National presence
  • Our team includes many industry experts, including APICs specialists, Black Belts, Green Belts, CPA's and PMP's who are all Epicor Certified Consultants
  • Our implementation approach is based on proven business processes and best practices
  • Ability to start simple and add scope and complexity
  • Focuses on unique neds of our customers
  • Remote or On-Premise Implementation: Training, Support, Consulting, & Development
  • Applied Composites Engineering, Inc.
  • Baskins Machined Products LLC
  • Burrana
  • California Closet Company, Inc.
  • Carlisle Fluid Technologies, Inc.
  • Central States Industrial
  • Cognito Motorsports
  • Collins Aerospace
  • IMCO Carbide Tool Inc.
  • Klinge Corporation
  • Lincoln Electric Holdings, Inc.
  • Melton Machine & Control Co
  • NGD Systems, Inc.
  • OpenGear, Inc.
  • Optivus Proton Therapy, Inc.
  • Positronic Industries, Inc.
  • SeAH Steel USA, LLC
  • Valcor Engineering Corp
  • Wolf Robotics, LLC
  • Zepher
  • Wayne Trail Technologies, Inc.
  • California Cedar Products Company