Collabor8te Implementation Framework

Cre8tive makes the Epicor ERP system implementation seamless. We work with you to incorporate unique strategic planning throughout every phase of the ERP upgrade process, keeping your operations moving and your budget intact.

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Scale Your ERP System Upgrade to Meet Unique Objectives

Whether you have a current ERP system or are having one installed for the first time, our ERP implementation framework provides an upgrade in process and product. Fully scalable to accommodate any company size or complexity, Cre8tive utilizes an ERP upgrade strategy that makes our framework customizable. You will receive an extensive selection of advantages at scale, allowing you to: 

  • Plan, schedule, and control project tasks in seconds 
  • Custom-tailor projects to time, cost, and scope requirements 
  • Implement an organized, systematic, and cost-effective change management software
  • Improve return on investment (ROI) via a digital transformation

Three Easy Phases to Implement Your Innovation

As an expert ERP implementation consultant, our ERP implementation framework is built to cater to your goals and growth. A Cre8tive representative will develop a Statement of Work (SOW) to scope your unique project and match the intent with proven best practices. They will then guide you through a three-phase process for implementation. 

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Three phases to successfully implement ERP software

Phase 1: Plan

  • Review current business practices and available tools
  • Draft a roadmap for ERP implementation 
  • Identify company/industry needs 
  • Initiate design

Phase 2: Build

  • Complete build sessions 
  • Create models 
  • Test Systems 
  • Evaluate from end-to-end (including compliance) 
  • Install third-party tools
  • Conduct training
  • Allocate resources (customizations, forms, dashboards, etc.) 
  • Transform Data

Phase 3: Deploy

  • End user training 
  • Go-live preparations 
  • Post-launch support 

Choose Cre8tive Technology & Design for ERP Implementation

Our professional ERP implementation framework is designed by industry experts who know what it takes to achieve efficiency while minimizing business disruption. Relying upon previous successful endeavors and years of certifiable experience, Cre8tive Technology and Design leads the ERP upgrade process with a proven approach to adapt your business. We will utilize our capabilities and strategies to set you up for success. Partner with us today to implement a powerful change management software and talk with us about your objectives.