Customer Care Program

The Cre8tive Technology & Design team is proud of the reputation we have earned in the industry for taking the time to get to know our customers and support ERP solutions that will meet the complex needs of each one. We believe that this high touch and hands on approach is not only vital during the implementation phase of the Epicor ERP system into your business, but also on an ongoing basis. Our comprehensive Customer Care Program (CCP) was designed specifically for that purpose.

Our Customer Care Program was created to ensure that the institutional knowledge that was acquired during the Epicor ERP implementation phase continues to be fully utilized by the organization at all levels, once the system is operational. The CCP offers a level of support that will enable your employees to fully benefit from the capabilities of the Epicor ERP solution, now and into the future.

The goal of the Customer Care Program is to work with your employees to continue to utilize their institutional knowledge of your business and ERP system, so costly mistakes and oversights can be prevented. We will consistently make sure that your workforce is capable of taking full advantage of everything that the Epicor ERP software has to offer.

Customer Care Solutions

Our Customer Care Team has a wide variety of expertise in the areas of project management, as well as financial, manufacturing, supply chain, tool and technical consulting. In addition, we also have highly experienced developers and IT administrations on staff. The Customer Care Program will save your company a great deal of expense by outsourcing these services to us, as compared to hiring full time employees to fill these roles.

Learn more about how Cre8tive’s Customer Care Program is the ideal solution for supporting your company’s long-term goals and plans.

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