Sequence Number for EDI ASN: Epicor ERP Custom Software Solution

  • 7 March 2014
  • cre8
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There are many different ways in which a business tracks their products, orders, and shipments. Certain customers use EDI for Advanced Shipping Notifications (ASN). One requirement of this type of interchange is Sequence ID, at both header and detail level of each shipment (Pack) in the Epicor Software (E9). While these numbers are unrelated to each other they share the same characteristics:

  • Positive integer
  • Increments by 1 on use

In order to support this Shipment Sequence, Cre8tive Technology & Design has created a custom software solution with two new UD (User Defined) fields which have been added to the Customer Maintenance screen:

  • Shipment Sequence
  • Shipment detail Sequence


Epicor Customer Maintenance – Shipment Sequence (EDI)

On creation of a new Customer Shipment Pack header (New ˃ Pack), the EDI Shipment sequence field for the referenced Customer Sold To is queried. If the value is greater than zero ( ˃ 0 ), it is incremented by one ( + 1 ) and the result is used to populate a User Defined field in the Pack Header (ShipHead); this field is labeled “EDI Seq.” which is visible, but disabled for entry:

Epicor Customer Maintenance – Test Customer


Epicor Sales Order Entry – New Order


Epicor Customer Shipment Entry – New Pack for the SO


As Sales Orders and Shipment Packs are created, the EDI Sequence numbers will keep increasing depending on the current value for the referenced Customer ID. If any mistake is made or if specific Orders/Shipments need to be deleted, the user can manually edit the Sequences at the Customer level (depending on security settings and access level).

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