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  • 20 June 2013
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There are certain scenarios in which certain customers use EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) for ASN (Advanced Shipping Notifications). One of several requirements of this type of interchange is Sequence ID, at both the header and detail level of each shipment (Epicor Software Pack). While these numbers are unrelated to each other, they have the same characteristics:

  • Positive integer
  • Increments by 1 on use

Because the sequence ID is set per Sold to Customer (CustID in Epicor Software), the fields that manage this will be placed on the Customer Maintenance form, and will be governed by standard Epicor Software security.

In order to support these changes to Epicor Software and give the user the ability to keep track of Shipment Sequences, a custom software solution was created:

Two new UD (User Defined fields) were added to the Customer Maintenance form:

  • Shipment Sequence
  • Shipment Detail Sequence

Both fields allow positive integers only and Standard Epicor Software security (as mentioned above) will determine which users have access to updating the fields so by default, they will not be disabled for entry. A value if “0” is used to show a “not used” value, this will not trigger assignment in Shipments. (In order to trigger use in Shipment, the value must be > 0):

Launch Customer Maintenance screen. Form is displayed. Shipment Sequence and Shipment Detail Sequence fields are displayed on the form:


Entering a value and saving it stores the data. When clearing the form and loading the same customer, the information is shown:


On creation of a new Customer Shipment Pack header (New > Pack), the EDI Shipment Sequence field for the referenced Customer Sold to is queried. If the value is > 0, it is incremented by 1, the result is used to populate a UD (User Defined) field in the Pack Header (ShipHead). The field is labeled “EDI Seq”, and is visible but disabled for entry.

                On New > Line, the Shipment Detail Sequence for the Sold to Customer is queried. If the value is > 0, it is incremented by 1, and the result used to populate a UD (User Defined) field at Shipment Detail level (ShipDtl). The field is labeled EDI Detail Sequence and is visible, but disabled for entry:

Form opened. EDI Seq. field is displayed:





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