Sales Order & Quote Entry Custom Tab: End User Information – Epicor ERP Custom Software Solution

  • 4 September 2013
  • cre8
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Standard Epicor Software has a large amount of fields assigned to default tables to store a large amount of information for customers, suppliers, sales/purchase orders, and many other operations, tools, and objects. It also comes with a set of ‘ready-to-use’ User Defined Tables which can be used for many purposes.

In the following scenario a custom software solution has been created to support Business Information and meet reporting needs; an ‘End User’ assignment has been required for both the Quote Entry and Sales Order Entry forms. The End User has a relationship with a single sold-to Customer ID, but a single sold-to Customer ID may have many End User records associated with it. On conversion, the End User information entered into a Quote is carried over into the Sales Order.

Sales Order Entry – End User reference

A new tab, ‘End User’ has been added to the Order Entry form. This tab does not enable unless a value has been selected for OrderHed.CustID (Customer ID), and the Order Number assigned exists. New End user information can be added, updated or deleted only if the “Create/Edit End User” button is clicked; all fields are disabled for manual input. Parent Customer ID is equal to OrderHed.CustID, and not updateable:

Notice the new tab is visible:


Create new Sales Order, and before saving, move to the End User tab.


Notice the End User field is enabled:


Click on Create/Edit End User.



Enter data for new end user and save:


Click new to create a second end user. Give it the same End User ID:


On tab out, message is displayed correctly:


Second record created:


Exit the screen and return to sales order entry. Search for end users.
Only those related to the Parent customer from the Order header are displayed:

Select 001 End user and save. Fields are disabled and correct data is displayed:


Quote Entry – End User Reference

Notice new custom tab is displayed:


Create a new quote and before saving, move to the End User tab.
End User field is enabled even though QuoteHed.QuoteNum has not been saved:


Search for related end users. They are displayed correctly:


Select 002, fields are disabled and data is displayed correctly:


Add a new Line to the quote and save:


Set the Quote as quoted, then go to Actions/Create Sales Order and create order:


In Sales Order Entry, go to Actions/Get Opportunity/Quote:


Click Create:


Sales Order created correctly:


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