The Role of ERP in AS9100 Compliance

  • 25 September 2017
  • CTND
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In today’s competitive landscape, every Aerospace & Defense manufacturer must do what it can to distinguish itself in the industry. One way to do this is through third-party certifications, such as AS9100 compliance. An AS9100 audit examines the procedures for nearly all production operation to certify an A&D manufacturer as being in compliance with the highest standards of quality control.

Though AS9100 isn’t a requirement, the certification is used for A&D companies looking to:

  • Demonstrate their ability to provide products and services that meet industry regulatory requirements on a consistent basis
  • Improve customer satisfaction through improved process management


It’s also an affirmation that your shop is doing things right, and it may be the difference between winning a contact or not. Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, can play an important role in achieving AS9100 compliance by centralizing and standardizing best practices across many aspects of your organization.

How does ERP accomplish this? Let’s read on to find out.

How ERP Can Help

Given the breadth of territory AS9100 covers, manufacturers need to have sound quality assurance and product realization processes in place to be in compliance. Enterprise resource planning systems are a great choice because they do much of the leg work for you.

ERP is designed with compliance in mind. ERP helps manufacturers:

  • Improve product management and supply chain efficiency by charting the chain from supply sourcing to product delivery
  • Manage compliance with regulatory bodies such as DPAS, and helping meet Flowdown requirements
  • Improve quality assurance and risk management via approved supplier lists, quality clauses management, and supplier survey management
  • Manage export (ITAR) compliance with license identification management and denied party screening
  • Improve maintenance management with features like equipment calibration, a particularly important in the areas of first article inspection and configuration management


Additionally, ERP makes the AS9100 audit process easier. Thanks to the centralization of interconnected data with ERP, auditors or managers do not need to round up compliance documentation from across the company to examine.

More About AS9100

AS9100 has been endorsed by the major U.S. government agencies in the A&D realm: the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the Department of Defense.

AS9100 Rev C, the most recent version of this certification, encompasses various industry standards, including:

  • ISO 10006 Project Management, which ensures a company can plan and manage product realization in a controlled and structured manner.
  • ISO 10007 Configuration Management, which deals with configuration processes to ensure all components can be configured into a final form that meets all requirements. This includes everything from configuration planning to audits and status accounting.
  • ARP 9134 Risk Management, which calls for an established and implemented risk management process.
  • AS9102 First Article Inspection, which covers the reporting requirements for presenting a sample part (first article) to a customer to ensure all specifications are met.
  • AS9103 Key Characteristics, which ensure a company has a process in place for managing variations in component key characteristics. A key characteristic is defined as a component feature that significantly influences the functionality of the finished product.


AS9100 includes aspects that other certifications don’t cover, such as management responsibility clauses, which dictate management’s availability to workers with concerns. Additionally, AS9100 focuses on product realization.

If you’re considering AS9100 compliance, a streamlined ERP should be running in your shop. Industry-specific solutions can benefit your company through tighter quality assurance and improved operations. Get in touch with Cre8tive Technology & Design today to discuss was solutions are best for your needs.

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