Resource Efficiency Report – Epicor ERP Custom Software Solution

  • 18 July 2013
  • cre8
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A large number of reports are available through Standard Epicor Software  giving the user many tools to gather, analyze, and present information for different purposes. These reports are customizable giving the user the possibility of including pieces of information from different forms that might not be included in the standard report.

An example of this is the Resource Efficiency Report; the user requires 4 fields to be added and the ability to break down the report by ‘Expense Code’ and totaled.

In order for this to be possible Sequences, a custom software solution was created and the standard BAQ “zResourceEfficiency” was modified:

  • The columns Expense Code and Labor Rate are added
  • The report is also modified to handle one extra Filter (Expense code) and an additional Sort by (Expense code)



After the BAQ has been edited, the Crystal Report must be modified to include the new fields. A new Group is inserted to handle the Expense Code Break Out and subtotal.

A new formula calculates the Dollar amounts for Direct and Indirect Labor hours by multiplying the hour values by Labor Rate. Some examples of the filter/sort combination report results are as follow:



Giving the user the ability to duplicate/modify standard reports to better adjust to their business needs is one of the many benefits of the Epicor Software; it greatly enhances the reporting/analysis capabilities of a business and eliminates the needs of creating completely new reports and thus accumulating larger and unnecessary quantities of files.

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