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  • 5 November 2013
  • cre8
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Some users use the Report Quantity MES screen to report their production hours and quantities. This screen, however, includes limited information and there might come the need to have visibility of additional fields/pieces of information for the comfort and efficiency of the employees. A custom software solution was designed to display additional fields and display information that offers more Job Related facts to the user. The following fields are now shown:

  • Running Total: Running total, in thousands, for production reported for the operation (Sum of LaborDtl.LaborQty for the Job/Assembly multiplied by 1,000). The field can’t be modified by the user.

  • Part: JobHead.PartNum. The field can’t be modified by the user.

  • Job Quantity: JobHead.ProdQty. The field can’t be modified by the user.

  • Required Date: JobHead.ReqDueDate. The field can’t be modified by the user.

The following job has been created for the testing:


Values from JobHead to consider:


Values from LaborDtl to consider at this point:


Launch MES, Launch Report Qty. Enter the Job 2236 and after selecting the operation 10 the correct values are displayed:


Compare the Queries:


Enter a Qty of 10.00 and hit OK button:


Report Qty again:


Pick the same Job number 2236 and operation 10:
The fields display the correct values (Qty previously reported (10) * 1000, Part manufactured, Job Total and Required date).


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