Quote to Sales Order to Purchase Order Suggestion – Linking custom fields throughout the application: Epicor ERP Custom Software Solution

  • 3 September 2014
  • cre8
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It is common practice for users to customize standard Epicor Software (E9) and its applications by adding custom fields; standard Epicor comes with over 100 UD tables with many different types of fields that the user can assign and utilize throughout the different modules, ranging from Short Characters and Numbers to Dates or Checkboxes. These User Defined fields can then be added and linked to the different User Interfaces (UIs) throughout Epicor and assigned to specific fields or combo boxes.

For example, the user might have the need to add a custom field to the Quote Entry screen to add a Miscellaneous Cost description on the Line ˃ Worksheet tab. Using Epicor’s built in customization tools, it is possible to add a custom field and assign it to ShortChar01 for example. That way, whenever any text is entered into the newly added field and saved, it will be linked to that specific field for the QuoteDtl table.

The next challenge lies with the passing of information from one table to another automatically. What happens in the previously mentioned example if the user creates a Sales Order directly from that Quote? The QuoteDtl.ShortChar01 field will not be carried over; it remains within the Quote Detail table. This is where the use of BPMs comes into play to enhance the custom functionality.

A custom software solution was created by Cre8tive Technology & Design to link custom fields in between UIs and tables. Several custom fields from Quote are now passed on to the Line ˃ Release tab and table so that users can keep track of important information. The same is true between Sales Orders and Purchase Orders. Note: In these examples, custom fields for Miscellaneous Cost Name, Amount, and Supplier will be used but they are fully customizable to fulfill the users’ needs:

1. First, the Opportunity/Quote Entry screen is launched and the custom fields in an existing or new Quote are filled by the user. The Quote is saved.


Epicor Opportunity / Quote Entry – Custom fields filled

2. A Sales Order is created from the Actions ˃ Create Sales Order menu option:



Epicor Quote Order Wizard – Order Created from Quote

3. The user then goes and finds the newly created Sales Order and navigates to the Releases ˃ Detail tab. The custom fields have carried over the information from the Quote:


Epicor Sales Order Entry – Custom Fields with passed on information

Additionally, when Purchase Order Suggestions are created after Sales Orders, if the custom fields were used and linked to the part in question, the PO Suggestion will also be created with the custom fields’ information:

1. The PO Suggestion screen is launched:



Epicor Purchase Order Suggestion Entry

2. Search and select a PO Suggestion that has a part used in the previous examples and a quote tied to the order with ‘Buy to Order’ set to TRUE. The Supplier and Cost fields are shown:



Epicor Purchase Order Suggestion Entry – Release ˃ Detail tab

A customization has been created to allow the user to link custom fields between tables and UIs in order to automatically pass them from the QuoteDtl to the OrderRel UD fields when creating a SO directly from a Quote. Additionally, if a PO Suggestion is created from a related order, the custom fields will also transfer to the POSuggDtl table. This is only a small example developed by Cre8tive Technology & Design of how data between different tables and UIs can be transferred automatically with the use of BPMs.

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