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  • 24 January 2013
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Standard Epicor Software does not support the ability for a company to base its sales process on a margin markup which is also based on the cost of the part when generation a Quote.  The unit price is variable based on quantity break, and the new fields will be based on a selected quantity break.  This allows the cost to be set according to price break, as well, as defined in a currently effective Purchasing Price list for the part, referencing the primary supplier for the part.

(Example, a part has 3 quantity breaks, on 1, 25, and100 units. Cost and margin will be set based on these breaks, as matched to the Purchasing Price list for the part.  If a Purchasing Price list has breaks on 1, 25, and 125, in this example, the cost for quote break on 25 and 100 would have the same cost.)

Standard Epicor Software Quote cost for markup are based on Quote Details, according to costing method.  This can be changed to query from other sources, such as Supplier Price lists.  In this Epicor Customization, when a Purchased Part is selected for a quote line, Supplier Price Lists are queried, and a User Defined field is populated with the result.  Markup is calculated based on the queried cost and the entered unit price.  If an Override checkbox is set to true, Markup can be updated, and the unit price will adjust.  Because Manufactured parts have a BOM, this must be exploded, and all purchased parts throughout the BOM used for calculation of cost.  This is displayed on the Worksheet tab, using the BOM from the Manufacturing Details loaded for the quote line.  Sales Kits also have a BOM, and this is also exploded to find all purchased parts, and set a material cost that will have markup applied.  Quantity breaks are taken into account, when selecting a Supplier price to assign.

To complete the Epicor Customization, totals for cost, unit price, and margin and markup have been added to the Summary tab.

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