Purchase Order Validations: Epicor 10 ERP Custom Software Solution

  • 1 July 2015
  • cre8
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Within standard Epicor Software there are many built-in validations throughout all of the screens, including entry, maintenance, and even screens that trigger processes. Most of these validations serve the purpose of protecting the integrity of the data that goes into Epicor tables, preventing mismatches between the type of data expected and what the user (or automated processes such as DMT) enters.

These are a few examples of these built in validations:



Epicor Sales Order Entry – Entering an invalid Customer ID


Epicor Customer Maintenance – Enter an Invalid (length and name) Sales Rep


There is a large number of validations already built into Epicor but customer’s often require new ones to be added so that data entered follows the rules of their business. Some customers might need a certain field to only be X characters long so it fits a report or a quantity field to never be zero, preventing the user from saving the data unless an amount is entered. Additionally, if customizations are built and new fields created, these fields will most likely need to follow rules for the information to be consistent.

A more specific example of these validations is the following custom software solution developed by Cre8tive Technology & Design which created a set of validations within the Purchase Order screen. A validation on the GL Account field was added to inform the user of any blank or “99999” prefixed accounts on the releases.


Epicor Purchase Order Entry – GL Account field


If at least ONE release has a blank or “99999” prefixed Account, then:

  • A red button will light up on the PO Header tab that reads “GL Error”
  • A warning message (will not stop saving or updating of the PO) is displayed listing ALL the PO/Lines/Releases that did not pass the validation


Epicor Purchase Order Entry form


Epicor Purchase Order Entry – Custom red button and warning message


Epicor Purchase Order Entry – GL Acc Error button lights up


Epicor Purchase Order Entry – PO with no validation errors loaded, button is cleared.


Epicor Purchase Order Entry – PO with no GL Account loaded


Epicor Purchase Order Entry – GL Acc Error button lights up



Epicor Purchase Order Entry – Warning message is shown

This set of custom validations gives the user quick visibility of all the GL Account conflicts a PO has without having to go and review each release individually. As soon as a PO is loaded or created, the user can tell if any GL problems are present.

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