Purchase Order Suggestion Part Cost Visibility: Epicor ERP Custom Software Solution

  • 10 July 2014
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The New PO Suggestions process through standard Epicor Software (E9) is used to process the resulting suggestions created by the Generate Suggestions process; these suggested purchases are based on time-phased information. After the Generate Suggestions process has finished, the user can use the ‘Search’ function within the New PO Suggestions screen and look at the available suggestions for specific buyers.

Once a Suggestion has been loaded on the screen, the user can modify many specifications and characteristics before actually creating the PO. There are some pieces of information, regarding the Part specifically, which aren’t directly visible to the user anywhere in the screen. For instance, if the user wants to look at the Labor and Average Costs, he/she would have to navigate to the Part Tracker for each Suggestion and look at each Part independently, or create a BAQ for this same purpose.

A custom software solution developed by Cre8tive Technology & Design takes care of this issue by customizing the UI screen and adding a couple of fields to the ‘Material List’ tab in the PO Suggestion Entry screen:

Epicor Purchase Order Suggestion Entry – Material List tab

The “Last Cost” field displays a sum of the Last Labor, Last Burden, Last Material, and Last Burden Cost which can be seen in the Part Tracker window:

Epicor Part Tracker – Costs tab

Epicor Purchase Order Suggestion Entry – Last Cost visible in Material List tab

The “Average Cost” field displays a sum of the Average Labor, Average Burden, Average Material, Average Material Burden, and Average Subcontract Costs:

Epicor Part Tracker – Costs tab

Epicor Purchase Order Suggestion Entry – Average Cost visible in Material List tab

These two fields are only short examples of what can be achieved when customizing UIs and grids within an Epicor form, table and field referencing is a task which can save time and effort to the end user as well as provide greater visibility in a smaller space.

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