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  • 22 October 2014
  • cre8
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There are a number of restrictions and configurations in standard Epicor Software (E9) which allow the Administrators and Managers to setup their company and modules. A User with enough access to modify the ‘Company Configuration’ can determine what the Default Plant and Warehouses will be, setup Localization rules, enable Tax Rates, allow or disallow Landed Cost defaults, and many other settings for each of the installed Epicor Modules.

There might come a time where a business would like to specifically restrict which product brands or groups can be sold to each customer. For this purpose a custom software solution was developed by Cre8tive Technology & Design.

The Customer Maintenance screen has been modified to now include a ‘Brand Control’ tab, in which the user will be able to see the Product Groups available at the present time. The user can then add them to the Target List on the right in order to RESTRICT this Product Group for this Customer (Note: Full Product Groups/Brands have been hidden):



Epicor Customer Maintenance – Custom Brand Control tab

Internally, the Product Group ID will be stored in the Customer.Character01 field. Running a BAQ can show us what some of these stored values look like even when there’s more than 1 Product Group added (a ~ is used to separate each group):



Epicor Business Activity Query Designer – Product Groups stored in Character01

The Sales Order creation process can now continue normally. The user will create a Sales Order for a Customer and on Save of new Lines/Parts, our customization will verify the values Stored in Customer.Character01 (Product Group IDs that have been restricted for each Customer) and compare each one of them to the Product Group of the Part we are trying to add.

If the Product Group has not been restricted, the Line will create using Standard Epicor functionality:



Epicor Sales Order Entry – Sales Order successfully created

In the event that the customization comes across a restricted Product Group Part being added to a Sales Order, a message will pop-up informing the user of the restriction and will not allow the Part/Line to be added:


Epicor Sales Order Entry – Custom Error message

In previous posts, we have seen how a customization can restrict access to the actual User to some of the functionalities that the Administrator might not want to give, or maybe prevent users in training from making mistakes. For these scenarios, the Admin can customize the User Maintenance form. But in this particular case, we give the user the ability to manage which Product Groups, and thus which Parts, can a Customer be sold products from. More types of restrictions can be managed using this principle.

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