Price List Commissions: Part 2 of 2, Setup – Epicor ERP Custom Software Solution

  • 23 October 2013
  • cre8
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In order to support the custom software solution presented in Part 1 of this series, several customizations were created and need to be setup for the commissions to be paid out. The ‘Customer Price List’ UI has been modified to include two UD fields:

  • Salesperson: This is a combo box listing active workforce records. No type entry is allowed. This is not a required field.
  • Commission percent: Percentage field, cannot be negative. Not a required field.




Once the price lists have been setup and assigned to the customers, a sales order is created. Once the part number is defined, the price list field populates. Once the Order line is saved, the customization finds the Sales Person assigned to the Price List and sets it in the Order Line’s commissions:


A Sales Order for customer Buckstar Coffee Company is created.


Customer Buckstar showing the Price List to be used in the example.


Sales Order Line for part 00C2:


A screenshot showing the Price List and Sales Person for Part 00C2:


On save of the Sales Order, going to the Lines > Commissions tab shows that the Sales Person (Fred Grandy) has been automatically assigned.

Once the order has been created and the commissions assigned to the Order Lines, a Pack needs to be created and shipped through ‘Customer Shipment Entry’:


Then we proceed to Creating and Posting the invoices related to the Sales Orders. In Payment Entry, we then pay the invoices we know will generate commissions until paid:



Once the commissions are ready to be paid out, the customization needs a scheduled System Agent task to be executed to gather all the commissions available from Sales Orders, Packages, and Invoices. The task can be scheduled to run on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis as well as per intervals or executed immediately:


The user can then verify that the task has been executed via the System Monitor window:


Once the task from the System Agent has been executed, the user can launch the “Commission Approval and Payout” window to view and process the Commission payout per Sales Rep that are available:


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