Price List Commissions: Part 1 of 2 – Epicor ERP Custom Software Solution

  • 18 September 2013
  • cre8
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At the present time Standard Epicor Software does not allow for automatic commission payouts for Sales Reps involved in Sales Orders, the process is completely manual and can be very time consuming if a large amount of orders and reps are involved.

A custom software solution has been created that gives Accounts Payable users (with rights to payout commissions) a screen with visibility of key information for Commissions Payouts. When an Order is Invoiced or Paid (depending on how the Sales Rep is setup) a process will calculate the commission amount and the earned commission per Invoice. Once this information is visible on the screen, the user can select which commissions to payout and a payment is automatically generated.

Once an Order with Commissions has been created and shipped, an Invoice created and posted and a payment made (depending on the Sales Rep setup). The user can schedule or immediately launch a System Agent process which will verify the existence of commissions that are ready to be paid out and transfer the data to a UD table:


After the System Agent process has been executed, the user launches the “Commissions Approval and Payout” window. From here, the user can choose a Sales Rep from a dropdown menu and click ‘Retrieve’; this will show all the pending commissions to be paid out available for that Rep:

price-list-com02 (1)

The User now has to check the ‘Pay?’ box for each of the records that he/she wants a payment to be created for. Once this is done, the user clicks ‘Process’.

price-list-com03 (1)

A message will inform the user if the process has been processed correctly or if any errors occurred:

price-list-com04 (1)

The user can then go to “AP Payment Entry” and search for a Group. The naming convention for the Payment Groups created to payout reps is C+n where “n” is constantly increasing by 1:

price-list-com05 (1)

We pull up Penny’s payment which is the latest one (C14):

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