Opportunity/Quote Entry screen modifications – Part 1: Mandatory Field Validations

  • 23 June 2016
  • Laura Bromhead
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Standard Epicor Software already has several validations for mandatory fields which help maintain consistency in the data entered into the system as well as making sure that Sales Orders, Quotes, Invoices, etc. are entered correctly and with integrity.

An example of these validations can be seen in the Sales Order Entry screen; when attempting to save a Sales Order without a Customer, a warning will pop up and stop the user from saving/creating the order. Additionally, some other standard fields like PO can be made mandatory using Epicor configuration:


As we’ve covered in previous customization posts, Epicor User Interfaces can be customized to a great extent; new fields can be added for many different purposes depending on the business needs of your company. An example of this is the addition of a custom field to the ‘Opportunity / Quote Entry’ screen; the customer needs the ability to identify several different Types of quotes, additionally the new field needs to be made mandatory so that all quotes are properly categorized and reporting can be 100% accurate.

A custom software solution developed by Cre8tive Technology & Design  has added the necessary field to the Quote/Entry screen. Several requirements were fulfilled:

  • Make the ‘Type’ field a mandatory field. No change or creation of a new quote will be allowed unless this field is filled in.
  • Only 3 values are valid for the ‘Type’ field. “F”, “O”, and “Q”. Any value different to these or blank is not acceptable and an error will be displayed.
  • The field is to be placed in the ‘Summary’ tab of the screen.
Epicor Customized UI– Opportunity / Quote Entry Quote Entry – New Quote created Quote Entry – Fill in Quote info, leaving custom Type field blank Quote Entry – On save, the validation kicks in and an error message is displayed Quote Entry – Invalid Quote Type is entered 7 8 Quote Entry – On save, the record is updated and a Quote # is assigned


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