MES Report Quantity Custom Fields – Epicor ERP Custom Software Solution

  • 21 August 2013
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When a production quantity is complete against a specific operation, the user can report it using the “Report Quantity” program in the ‘Production Tab’ of MES in the standard Epicor Software; it also allows a request for the skid or pallet to be moved on to the next operation:


This screen, however, offers very limited information on the Job to the employee. In order to make sure a specific job is the right one, or find out about quantities and parts, the user needs to load the Job in the Job Entry window or Tracker in Epicor. A request for a custom software solution  to address this concern was received and processed; the customer requested that a set of 4 fields were added to the “Report Quantity” screen of MES:

  • Running Total: In thousands, production reported for the operation (Sum of LaborDtl.LaborQty for the Job/Assembly multiplied by 1,000). This field is read-only.
  • Part: JobHead.PartNum (Part Number for the specified Job). This field is read-only.
  • Job Qty: JobHead.ProdQty (The quantity specified in the Job). This field is read-only.
  • Required Date: JobHead.ReqDueDate (Required By date specified for the Job). This field is read-only.

Open MES and login with a Shop Employee. MES Menu is shown:


Open Report Quantity. Report Quantity screen launches. 4 Custom fields are shown (Running Total, Part, Job Qty, Required Date):


Select a valid Job / Assembly / Operation. Standard fields are enabled for user entry. Custom fields are calculated and greyed out (read-only):


Enter a value for the current field that will not complete the operation and click OK (Current: The quantity that is being reported. This quantity, added to the Prior Quantity, yields the value in the Total Quantity field the next time the operation is transacted). Screen is closed:


Open Report Quantity again. Select the previously used Job (2236). Standard fields are enabled for entry and custom fields are calculated. Running Total reflects the total including the Quantity entered in previous step:


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