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  • 11 September 2013
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In order to register Labor End Activity, a user within Standard Epicor Software needs only to launch the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) menu, pull in the data from a job/operation and launch the “End Activity Menu”:



On a different scenario, some businesses will have the need to enter specific quality testing results to monitor if they meet certain standards (Quality Assurance) and link these results to a specific Job / Operation and keep track of the user who entered the data. A custom software solution has been created for the ‘End Activity’ screen to allow the user to enter these specific values during the “inspection” operation.

A new tab “QA Batch Testing” has been added to the ‘End Activity’ screen in MES. This tab contains several fields that are stored in a UD table for QA Results. These results are linked to the job number, assembly and operation sequence, as well as Employee ID of the user transacting it.


Some fields have a certain range, when a value is input that would fall outside of this range, the background turns yellow to give the user better visibility of which values are outside of the standards (without disabling the field). For example:

  • Temperature (°F)
    • Decimal Value
    • Required Field
    • If outside of range (60.00-150.00), background changes to yellow



The Adjustments section is used to add more materials to the job on-the-fly. Users are now able to type in a part number, enter a quantity and click a button to Add Material. Upon clicking, the part numbers are added to the JobMtl table with the following characteristics:

  • QtyPer = Quantity entered by the user
  • FixedQty = True
  • Backflush = True
  • JobNum = LaborDtl.JobNum
  • AssemblySeq = LaborDtl.AssemblySeq
  • RelatedOperation = LaborDtl.OprSeq


This is the current state of Job 2411 which includes 20 Materials but does NOT include a line for part ‘LK1717’


We Type in Part ‘001PP’, set the Qty to 5, and click “To Backflush”


A message pop up informing us that the Material has been added.


When going back to the Job, we can verify that a new Material has been added with the appropriate part and qty.


If the user attempts to add an invalid Part, a message pops up warning the user.

Upon clicking Ok on the End activity screen, the customization verifies that all required values are populated. If required fields are not populated, user receives a warning indicating that QA Test results must be entered:


If all values are populated, the end activity transaction is triggered and the values entered in the QA Batch Testing data are saved to a UD table:

MES-QA-Batch-Testing-12 (1)

Results of running an SQL query for UD01

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