Material Declaration Report – Epicor ERP Custom Software Solution

  • 1 August 2013
  • cre8
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Through Standard Epicor Software, it is difficult to look at all parts with BOMs and their components. There is no report that allows the user to visualize/filter/export this information.

A custom software solution was created to address this need; a new report called “Material Declaration Report” lists all the material and components within a BOM. Only ‘declarable parts’ (set within Part Master) are taken into account. Even if the parts are located in different companies, the software reviews all locations to find each part and composition.

Certain characteristics are required from the report:

  • The user must be able to filter by Part. The Part search displays only parts with BOM.
  • The report must have the capability to be exported to other formats.
  • The report must be grouped by Assembly.

3 UD fields exist within the part table:

  • Declarable: This field defines if the material must be displayed in the report and if the component is a subassembly, it then gets the components of the subassembly and applies the same logic.
  • Material Component ID: This field contains the ID of the components required in the material. The same ID must exist in the MaterialComp table.
  • Plated: This field is used to know if the material needs to be plated. If this is true, then the system obtains the PlatingID from the last character in the part number to look into the Plating table and calculate each element.

1. Open the report interface. There is no part selected:






 The Selected Part is displayed in the grid

3. Click the Print Preview button. Report is displayed:




4. Export Data to Excel. A new output file created with the same data in the report:


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