Mass Material Burden Update – Part Master: Epicor 10 ERP Custom Software Solution

  • 27 January 2016
  • Laura Bromhead
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A challenge that ERP Users and Administrators frequently face is the importing and updating of existing/new data into their system. New product lines or changes to existing data of all types are scenarios that most businesses face at some point.

Although standard Epicor Software offers a very powerful tool to import new data and update existing records, some business requirements might be too specific. The custom software solution developed by Cre8tive Technology & Design and described ahead, was designed for a business which requires frequent updates to specific pieces of data and the option to restrict certain records from being updated without having to build long Excel spreadsheets or CSV files every time the DMT had to be executed.

The customer requires the ability to update Material Burden Percentages in the Part Master. Additionally, the user requires the ability to determine which Part Class (if not all) will be updated with the new Material Burden Rate value.

First, a UI screen customization, along with a new Menu item was created, to enable users to execute the Mass Burden Update tool with ease and directly from within the Epicor ERP application. The UI is simple:

  • Two fields to determine which Part Class is to be updated (if left blank, all Part Classes are updated) and what the new % value to write in the Material Burden Rate field for each part will be.
  • A Submit button which triggers the execution of the update process.
Epicor Custom UI – Mass Part Material Burden Update

Then, a BPM was built to execute custom logic and replace the Material Burden Rate (Part.MtlBurRate) field for all or the chosen Part Class in the UI.

Two possible scenarios are considered when the user clicks the ‘Submit’ button:

  1. If the User has NOT chosen a Part Class (using the Part Class dropdown). The logic goes through all Parts in the system, regardless of their class.
  2. If the user uses the Part Class dropdown, the logic will only be executed for parts which match that Part Class.

After the process is done running, a message pops up informing the user that the process has been completed

Epicor Custom Material Burden Update Screen – Part Class dropdown


Epicor Custom Material Burden Update Screen – Enter a Material Burden Rate and click Submit


Epicor Part Maintenance – Corresponding Material Burden Rates are updated


After the process is done, all parts matching the criteria chosen by the user will have their Material Burden Rate % updated to the entered value. This custom UI/process gives the user the ability to make a quick en masse update at any time without having to create extensive Excel spreadsheets and run the DMT every time. It is also easy to rollback any changes made; the user can just enter the previous value for the Part Class (or all parts) and click ‘submit’.

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