Epicor Integration & Service Connect with Web Shopping Carts: Epicor ERP Custom Software Solution

  • 9 June 2014
  • cre8
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A common challenge for businesses that take orders from customers using a web platform (Web Orders using Shopping Carts) is to transfer these orders to the Epicor Software (E9). On previous posts we have shown how Service Connect (SC) is a powerful tool to help automate the Customer and Sales Order Creation in Epicor, even automating payment processes. The web platform creates a file (usually a CSV – Comma Separated Values) which is then picked up by SC, processed and the Customers / Orders are created in E9.

For a business that does not have this automated process in place, it can take a very long time to manually enter the data into Epicor, especially if the volume of orders is high. In this post, we will discuss additional options that the user has to configure and setup this automatic Order Creation process.

Let’s take a business which offers Monogramming and Gift Wrapping options to their customers with each of their purchases. On the website, the customer will select different products and then mark the order or individual items for monogramming and gift wrapping, typing in additional instructions for the business to consider when preparing the shipment. In Standard Epicor Software the user can manually enter Comments into specific sections of the Order (there are different options such as the Comments ˃ Sales Order, Pick List/Job, Pack, Invoice, Pro-Forma Invoice tabs). As for the additional charges for a Gift or Monogramming Order, they can be added as Misc. Charges.

This still requires a considerable amount of manual intervention by the Sales rep, to have to review every single Order and add any instructions or charges. A custom software solution developed by Cre8tive Technology & Design uses the Service Connect platform to automate these two additions to the Sales Order. In addition to all the required fields for the Sales Order to be created, a series of columns have been added to the CSV file for SC to read and translate into Epicor Sales Order properties:

CSV File – Monogramming columns

The CSV file is then processed by SC and the Order Creation process is executed. A Sales Order is created in Epicor with the characteristics specified in each of the fields on the CSV file:

Epicor Sales Order Entry – Sales Order coming from Web

A Line level Misc. Charge labeled “Monogramming” has been added for the amount specified in the CSV file (5.00). Additionally, the Monogramming Instructions are added to the Lines ˃ Comments ˃ Sales Order tab:

Epicor Sales Order Entry – Line Misc. Charges

Epicor Sales Order Entry – Sales Order Comments

The same logic was added for the Gift Wrapping charges and instructions; a CSV file is generated by the Web platform with several columns to store the Gift Wrapping Charge amount and Instructions:

CSV File – Gift Wrapping Instructions

Once the file is processed by SC, a Sales Order is created in Epicor and a Misc. Charge and Comments are added.

Epicor Sales Order Entry – Sales Order coming from Web

Epicor Sales Order Entry – Line Misc. Charges

Epicor Sales Order Entry – Sales Order Comments

These two scenarios can of course be combined when an Order comes from the web with both the Monogramming and Gift Wrap options marked as true. If both options are left blank, no Misc. Charge or Comments will be added to the order. This solution shows how a SC integration can be configured to further automate additional requirements that the customer might require as their business evolves.

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