Furniture Manufacturing Challenges Squashed by ERP

  • 25 May 2016
  • CTND
Categories: Manufacturing

furniture manufacturing

There are a handful of common challenges that organizations face in the furniture manufacturing industry. For example, much of the product line is built to order, and traceability from original materials to the showroom floor and on to the customers themselves is a much-needed part of the process that often presents difficulty. Furniture manufacturing is also highly competitive, and customer satisfaction paired with cost reduction is key.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can help ameliorate some of these challenges by helping to increase customer satisfaction rates, support real-time inventory, and aid in order tracking.

Financial Control

Any wasted product makes a difference in furniture manufacturing, and the ability to seamlessly control activities on the shop floor and in the office is vital to reducing costs and increasing communication. An ERP system helps monitor raw material and labor costs, allowing your business to react to changing conditions and cut expenditures wherever possible.

With a comprehensive ERP software system, you can see costs and expenditures at every step in the process. By eliminating the need to employ multiple systems that work together in an imperfect marriage, an ERP system offers you the ability to see and pull data at any step in the process, without having to manage the headache of reconciliation. This means you’re working with data that is more accurate, more detailed, and always up-to-date. By allowing every employee to swiftly collaborate across departments, the entire system becomes a social network by which to share critical information and keep each individual apprised of situations and able to offer input and solutions.

Customer Satisfaction

No more extraneous time spent tracking down the status of a customer’s order. With a customizable and scalable solution that provides real-time data, your team can keep a better eye on current projects and pull reports at any given time to help measure whether the customer’s original requirements are being satisfied. This leads to better decision-making and improved communication between manufacturer and customer.

With better quality control, your business can get it right the first time, lowering the frequency of returns that can cost you money and customer confidence. With an ERP system, your business can increase its responsiveness and anticipate issues in advance, providing solutions to the customer faster. And by reducing administrative costs, your team is freed up to focus on customer satisfaction versus being bogged down in the mundane details of project management.

Real-Time Inventory and Order Tracking

Furniture can be a challenge to store, and delivery often requires communication with a dedicated delivery partner. This requires real-time communication between the delivery driver and the customer. By being able to review inventory and orders in real-time, you can keep a handle on the status of every order to quickly assess the quality of labor and materials, ensure each order is adhering to its originally intended design, and update the customer at any time on the true status of their order. With minute-by-minute information, you can anticipate material needs and keep your raw material inventory perfectly balanced. Project managers can also mine information and use it to resolve issues or help predict their future project needs.

Businesses in the furniture manufacturing industry must be able to rapidly build and distribute their wares. By integrating an ERP solution, you can manage all the pieces necessary to complete each order, from material acquisition all the way to delivery.

Free up your staff to focus on the innovative and solution-building facets of your business with an ERP system that can streamline the manufacturing process and help get your goods completed on time, within budget, to the customer’s specifications, and delivered as expected.

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