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  • 14 March 2013
  • cre8
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Certain customers require the ability to restrict certain orders from being processed either by forcing them to verify certain details or execute a necessary process before removing the restrictions. Standard Epicor Software does not allow automatic ‘Order Hold’ removal/placement after verifying Misc. Charges (Freight). A custom software solution was designed to have the user execute a ‘Check Freight’ process before being able to submit an order.

The Sales Order Entry form was updated to include a new “Check Freight” button. In order to avoid any mistakes and force any user to execute the freight verification functionality, the “Order Hold” checkbox will remain disabled until the process has been triggered.

A new ‘Check Freight’ button has been added to the Sales Order Entry form:



The ‘Hold’ checkbox is disabled to avoid removal until the process is executed

On click of the ‘Check Freight’ button, a window displays:


On click of the “Check Freight” button, a window pops up which includes a dataset of Open Orders with the same Customer ID as the current Open Order and with the same ‘Need By Date’ as the current Order’s header:


If the user requires an additional Freight Charge to be added to the current order, clicking the “Add Freight” button will close the ‘Check Freight’ window and automatically redirect to the Sales Order form in the Header > Misc Charge tab. A new record will automatically be added with Misc Charge code = ‘FRGT’ and the user will be required to input the Amount:


After the user saves, the “Order Hold” will automatically be removed and the checkbox enabled for editing again:


Additional functionality was also implemented; when an Order’s “Need By” date is edited, the “Order Hold” box will automatically be checked and disabled to prevent unverified orders from being processed. This will force the user to execute the ‘Freight Verification’ process.

When the user changes the “Need By” date and saves, a message asking to refresh the lines and releases pops up:


After the user acknowledges the message, the date is updated and the “Hold” box is checked and disabled:


The user will now need to execute the Freight Verification process by clicking the “Check Freight” button to remove the Order’s Hold status.

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