ERP Implementation Tips [INFOGRAPHIC]

  • 13 April 2016
  • CTND
Categories: ERP

ERP implementations can be challenging for any organization. But with the right support, buy-in, and follow-through, they can have great results and an enormous positive impact on your business. Keep these six tips in mind to make sure that your implementation process is smooth sailing from start to finish.

ERP Implementation Tips

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  1. Determine the Scope

Carefully determine the scope of the project before you get started.

  • Define business processes
  • Identify system requirements
  • Outline necessary customizations


  1. Select the Right ERP Implementation Partner

Find a reputable Authorized Partner that can offer you unmatched support and experience.

  • Select from partners trained and certified in your selected ERP solution
  • Confirm guaranteed, full-service support
  • Rely on qualified experience (especially in your industry)
  • Ensure use of the latest software solutions


  1. Set Stakeholder Expectations

Explain the requirements necessary to achieve a successful implementation.

  • Set realistic timelines
  • Map out all required steps
  • Establish training requirements
  • Outline total costs


  1. Get Employees Excited

Outline the worth of the project and demonstrate stakeholder support.

  • Explain the need
  • Make it personal
  • Endorse the project


  1. Maintain Momentum
    • Keep major influencers involved
    • Create a feedback network
    • Train employees thoroughly


  1. Perform Success Checks

Check that the project is consistently on course and make corrections where necessary.

  • Is everyone still on board?
  • Are accountable members of the team performing assigned duties?
  • Are employees being adequately trained?

Make your ERP implementation a success with the right tools, the right plan, and the right partner.

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