Epicor How To: Ship To Address for a PO

  • 12 September 2017
  • cre8
Categories: Epicor

Epicor standard populates the Ship To address for a PO automatically, with the address stored in Site Maintenance, according to the current logged plant/Site. When a single site has multiple receiving addresses, this needs to be made more flexible. Cre8tive has a customization available that utilizes a User Code Type to store and maintain additional addresses to be selected for certain POs. It includes the ability for the system to select the correct ship to address for a PO, based on rules, such as Company ID, Plant/Site ID, Supplier ID, or Supplier/Purchase Point Country. (Additional or reduced rules can be made available, or the system can pop up a list for selection.) If rules are set up, the system can choose the correct PO Ship To address when generating Purchase Orders from Suggestions.

First, a Ussr Code is configured, with one code per PO Ship To Address:

Warehouse full of building material.

Figure 1 – User Code Type POHEADSHIP
Warehouse full of building material.

Figure 2 – User Code for a single PO Ship To
Warehouse full of building material.

Figure 3 – User Code for a second PO Ship To
Note that the address is tilde separated. This allows the system to populate address lines correctly.

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