Epicor Authorized Partner versus a Freelancer

  • 9 February 2016
  • Laura Bromhead
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The choice you make for your business to select between an authorized partner and a freelancer can have a major impact on the resultant success of your ERP implementation.

Epicor Inspired Partner Network Overview

Epicor is known for building strong and supportive relationships within their partner community in order to provide Epicor customers with the best end-to-end experience possible. With hundreds of qualified participants worldwide, Epicor provides unequaled benefits by providing a network that offers their authorized partners expert knowledge and resources, cutting-edge software, professional certification and training programs, limitless support, customer experience opportunities, and ongoing consulting to make sure that each Epicor customer can rely on a highly qualified service provider.

Certification and Training

Authorized partners are provided with knowledge and expertise directly through Epicor’s partner certification and ongoing training programs. The channel partners have to put in a significant investment in order to be recognized, and must pass Epicor’s certification program in order to become a recognized Epicor partner. This certification and training helps instill consistent quality throughout the partnership network, something that isn’t guaranteed when partnering with an uncertified freelancer. For the partner’s investment, they receive access to best-in-class education programs – which includes the resources necessary to ensure that they can provide exceptional service to all of their Epicor customers.

Cutting-Edge Software

Authorized partners also have access to the latest software solutions and specific applications that ensure ground-breaking technologies are being used to streamline the manufacturing, distribution, retail, and other services that drive efficiency throughout your business. Without an authorized partnership, Epicor providers are limited to the versions of software they have chosen to invest in.

Authorized partners of Epicor are connected with recognized Microsoft® technology experts and provide each partner with a support structure capable of building world-class enterprise and e- business applications. With access to robust, scalable, and distributable Web-based applications, Epicor authorized partners enable their customers to quickly realize a competitive advantage and experience a smooth and speedy implementation.

Guaranteed Support

Authorized partners are fully equipped to help their customers navigate the infrastructure of Epicor. In other words, when questions arise, authorized partners can provide quicker, more accurate feedback and assistance than any third-party provider. The support you receive from a freelancer may be well and good, but assured support is even better.

Seamless Implementation

The implementation of an ERP system can be challenging at best, and that’s why you need the confidence of knowing that Epicor is on your side from start to finish. Authorized partners come equipped with all of the tools and resources necessary to provide you with a smooth and seamless execution that will ensure the success of your ERP implementation.

Qualified Experience

As they say, practice makes perfect. Your freelancer may have experience, but do they have enough experience in your particular field to understand your unique challenges? Epicor authorized partners come with substantial and qualified experience that provides them with the knowledge necessary to tailor your ERP solution and implementation to your specific needs.

Epicor also supports their authorized partners by providing marketing programs and materials that help each partner gain the real-world customer experience they need to take on new challenges with confidence. Outside of the Epicor network freelancers are on their own, and their ability to gain experience with a variety of customers is limited to their abilities bring in new customers.


The Epicor network offers access to partners that are leaders in everything Epicor ERP. They have built a support and training framework for these partners that guarantees recognized excellence in service and support – so you can rest assured that you and your ERP solution are in good hands. Don’t take a gamble, take a guarantee. With an Epicor authorized partner, the decision is easy.


Cre8tive Technology and Design has been a proud Epicor authorized partner since 2006, and has won multiple “Partner of the Year” awards for excellence that surpasses Epicor standards.

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