Enterprise Resource Planning For Small Shops

  • 8 November 2017
  • CTND
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An efficient and lean production pipeline is integral to the success of any manufacturing operation, regardless of size. The best way to effectively oversee all elements of these operations is to invest in an enterprise resource planning solution — ERP, for short.

As a small manufacturing company owner, you have the best sense of what works for your operation. Up until this point, that may have been logging your information using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, your email service, or even by hand. An ERP will greatly increase the efficiency of these processes and allow you to focus more time on what matters: growing your business.

The truth is that no shop is too small to lean on ERP as the backbone of its operations.

Business Efficiency and Decision Making

Let’s talk about efficiency for a moment.

Though it’s true that there are many steps in the supply management chain, these steps are each part of a linear process. This singularity is key to ERP, a platform that provides what you need to oversee your business from a single vantage point. Why would you have separate platforms for sourcing supplies, shipping orders, and monitoring labor costs when you could have all of these available in one ERP solution?

ERP gathers a wealth of data about your production process and customer relationships. This sort of aggregate data, from which conclusions can be drawn and decisions can be based, is often only available to large operations with layers of management oversight. But the right ERP will provide this information to a shop of any size. Effective ERP offers insights into areas of operational efficiency that may otherwise require the eye of an external auditor.

There is little reason to worry about onboarding a new piece of technology to your operations. ERP solutions for small business have come a long way. The platforms of today are robust and comprehensive, and do not require a huge IT department to watch over them. These platforms are flexible and can be deployed on premise, hosted by a third-party, or live in the cloud. The final option is key for small business owners and employees, many of whom find themselves working late into the evening at home. In fact, 92% of small businesses rely upon the cloud to help their operations succeed.

With functionality across a range of devices, you’ll never be far from your important company data.

ERP and Scalability

Scalability is another key area where ERP software can help.

Investing in an ERP solution early means you will have it there to assist with company growth. The computerization of processes can be critical in preparing your company for the next stage and taking your small business practices to the next level. Embedded business process management (BPM) tools mean the expertise of your floor manufacturing staff and managers is translated into a formal process within your software, meaning their knowledge will be around long after your company has grown.

Technology is an area where small manufacturers don’t have to be smaller than the competition. You want to choose a platform that easily grows with you, and one that is simple to employ, with intuitive user design. Start investigating the right ERP solution for your company by getting in touch with Cre8tive Technology & Design today.

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