Daily Log User Interface – Epicor ERP Custom Software Solution

  • 9 April 2013
  • cre8
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Standard Epicor Software includes a large variety of reports that range from financial and quality assurance to order and material management. However, certain reports, especially “as-was” (representing reports that can be saved with certain specific information for previous periods of time/dates), are not part of Standard functionality. A custom software solution was created to allow the customer to keep track of pieces of valuable information for their business in a custom UI called ‘Daily Log’.

This Daily Log UI includes several field groups:

  • Bookings for Immediate Shipment
  • Total Bookings
  • New Order Distribution
  • Invoicing
  • Backorders
  • Inventory Value

And each of these field groups includes several different fields, all divided into columns such as: Orders/Lines/Value or Invoices/Lines/Value or just Quantity/Value:


Select New. Log Date, Fiscal Calendar, Fiscal Year, Fiscal Year Suffix, Fiscal Period, Event Description, Business Plan Period, and Calendar Sales Period default:


The data matches the Fiscal Year/Period configuration:


Update Holiday / Weather Event checkbox to true. Event Description updates to “Holiday/Weather Event”, field enables:





On Search and selection of the same log. The Same results display.

On click of search, a list of available logs displays. The user can select multiple logs to be displayed:


This user-friendly and intuitive User Interface allows the customer to save valuable information in Daily Logs which can be accessed at any time and modified to the users’ needs.

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