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The Cre8tive shipping solution for the Emerging Enterprise

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Targeted at the
Emerging Enterprise

Featured for the
Emerging Enterprise

Priced for the
Emerging Enterprise

MAXIMIZE Shipping Efficiency
with E2 Ship

  • 5–500 parcel shipments per day
  • 1 to 50 LTL per day
  • International shipments & documentation
    • Supports non-US origins for FedEx and UPS
  • Shipments can originate anywhere in the world served by the carriers
  • Supports US & Canadian origins for LTL
  • Multi-account support

SIMPLIFY deployment
with E2 Ship

  • Zero learning curve – Uses an interface the shippers already know
  • Uses the carrier software companies already use and know well
  • Integration with carrier applications minimizes support responsibilities
  • Available on premises or as a SaaS solution

SIMPLIFY ownership
with E2 Ship

Using carrier supplied software is a BIG deal!

  • Most Emerging Enterprise have used this for a long time and know it
  • Carriers constantly update the software, no customer involvement needed
  • Rates are automatically updated, no rate tables
  • Export documents are digitally transmitted
  • Full reports and shipping history
  • Supplied for free
  • ALL carrier services are supported

Compare EBizCharge with other gateways

Feature E2 Ship Other
International Origin
Haz Mat
Server Required
E 9 Compatible
Works with all versions of E10
Internet Dependent

E2 Ship Supports LTL

Using Banyan; a leading subscription based LTL solution provider
E2 Ship users will have:

  • Ability to manage their carrier relationships
  • Full shipment execution
  • Rate shop for LTL in real time
    • Complete visibility to all charges
    • Select the best carrier for the load
    • Generate Bills of Lading
    • No rate tables to maintain
  • Monitor the transportation process
  • Capture reports on carrier performance and client costs
  • Mine data for better carrier negotiations
  • View the entire enterprise from one location