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Organization Change Management

 With a determined focus on tangible bottom-line results, key performance indicators and investment returns, our consultants utilize best practices and our Organizational Change Management Methodology to optimize ERP technology for better business operations.


But our approach doesn’t stop there. Instead, we continue to ensure clients realize gains by addressing the “human factor” – an oftentimes overlooked but critical element of any successful technology initiative. Working hands-on with staff to ensure familiarity with the software as well as any changed roles, responsibilities or processes, Cre8tive is able to increase both employee buy-in and overall operational productivity.

Organizational Change Management Focus Areas

•  ERP organizational assessment, change, design and support

•  ERP performance measurement and optimization

•  Training needs analyses and content development

•  Training delivery and follow-up

•  Communications planning and execution

•  Post-implementation audit to track and report progress vs. the business case

•  Obstacle identification and solution implementation

• Organizational enhancements designed to fully optimize new enterprise technologies

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Our proprietary organizational change management methodology, allows us to customize the project approach to each client’s unique needs. At the same time, we retain a clear focus on the critical elements that we believe must be present for any ERP project to be fully successful:


Orientation and information
Education about software benefits and reasons for its purchase
Clarity about changed roles and responsibilities
Engagement and accountability efforts
Development of communication channels and materials
Tracking and monitoring results for continual fine-tuning and improvement


The process of developing a unique scope and approach involves working closely with our clients to understand their vision and their needs. The next step is to choose the specific deliverables that we will create with them from our toolset.


Our methodology was designed to support aggressive advocacy for the human aspects of an ERP system implementation. There is a clear focus on skills transfer and benefits delivery to drive organizational improvement and employee efficiency.

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