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Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication Industry

The Metal Fabrication manufacturing industry faces unique challenges due to rapid demand for complex component design and fabrication. As manufacturers strive for efficiency accompanied with significant cost reduction and higher customer satisfaction within a very competitive market, technology is critical to success. Fabricators can produce highly complex modeling simulations effectively within time restraints due to recent advances in technology. With the introduction of focused ERP, 3D Modeling and IoT, Fabricators today have a faster time to market with lower costs and higher profits.

ERP for Metal Fabrication

Being one of the most heavily relied on industries in the manufacturing industry, Metal Fabricating companies need to stay compliant and productive with their harsh deadlines of mixed custom projects. Cre8tive’s Metal Fabricating Manufacturing solution based on Epicor ERP allows this industry to operate will all the necessary functions and customer demands without expensing quality or delivery standards. The software streamlines and simplifies quoting, scheduling, project management and many more essential tasks. Whether your needs be faster time-to-market, easier trouble shooting or improved product quality, our solution is the right choice for you.

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