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Managed Services

Even with these new delivery models and technologies, enterprises must still plan for uncertainty. Typically, businesses plan for peak capacity when building their IT infrastructure. However, in a dynamic, ever-changing business environment, it is difficult to predict capacity needs accurately, resulting in data centers that are built to handle projected peak demand, but are underutilized, with servers often running well below capacity.
What IT resources will be required to handle expected and unexpected demand spikes? What impact will new applications have on internal service support teams? How can organizations support more diverse workforces with the same or less IT personnel?
Answers to these questions force enterprises to consider IT infrastructure to accommodate projected peak demand requirements. However, this ultimately leads to unnecessary capital and operational spending to fund idling and underutilized servers, physical space, power, and cooling.
Cre8tive Technology’s Epicor managed service addresses these uncertainties to provide spending predictability, IT agility, and cost-efficiency to the enterprise.

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Epicor Professional Services

Cre8tive Technology’s Platform

Our Epicor hosting platform provides secure, virtualized IT Infrastructure-as-a-Service: servers, storage, memory, and bandwidth. Our platform is based on the standards for enterprise-class infrastructure and cost-effective application performance. We provide a robust, virtualized infrastructure deployed as multiple secure infrastructure clouds in our data center.

Our Epicor managed service includes the building blocks of a system infrastructure service, including:

Virtualized servers

Windows operating systems




Load balancers

In addition, our Epicor hosting platform allows customers to combine virtual and dedicated infrastructure services to create a low-cost, low-maintenance, high-performance hybrid IT environment leveraging the best of both IT approaches.

Why Choose Cre8tive Technology and Design

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Usage-based billing: Enterprises make base-level commitments and can scale up or down based on need. This ‘pay for use’ billing model yields savings of 20-40%, compared to traditional infrastructure hosting services.

Efficient Resource Utilization: Virtualized resource slices ensure enterprises purchase and use only what they need – eliminating the hidden costs of IT resource underutilization.

Business Agility and Operational Efficiency

Speed of Deployment: Accelerate time-to-value by eliminating long procurement cycles associated with in-house development projects to ensure that deployments move quickly from staging to live production.

Experience with Epicor from version 8.0 to the latest release

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