industrial machinery

Industrial Machinery

Industrial Machinery

Industrial machinery and capital equipment manufacturers face the challenges of customer demands for higher quality, lower costs, and faster delivery. Advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are necessary for navigating the demanding landscape of a competitive global economy. Cre8tive Technology & Design (CTND) is a supplier of Epicor ERP software systems that provide the industrial machinery industry with easy-to-use services that deliver high performance and scalability. Our ease of adoption is particularly beneficial for large companies with many busy employees. These services are designed to maximize productivity by increasing effective collaboration between all facets of your company. The 100% Microsoft technology stack allows for easy upgrades and efficient deployment to all devices and user interfaces. It has the ability to be customized and specifically adapted to your business model and production needs.

Manufacturing and Distribution ERP Systems

Epicor ERP for industrial machinery is the trusted software amongst thousands of businesses in the industrial manufacturing industry. This software solution enables companies to have consistent support for engineer-to-order and mixed-mode manufacturing – it also provides project configurators and management capabilities for complex products. The Epicor Social Enterprise offers enhanced cross-functional collaboration throughout the company. It focuses on developing customer relationship management capabilities in order to generate sales opportunities. For distribution purposes, Epicor ERP software offers robust quality assurance of product delivery in any condition, along with a comprehensive end-to-end solution for improved visibility and traceability.

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