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Furniture and Fixtures

Furniture and Fixtures

Businesses in the furniture and fixtures industry depend highly on up-to-date, effective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. If you are in the furniture business, you know how important it is to monitor price sensitivity, volatile raw material cost, labor demands, and customer demand for more configured product options. That’s why the Epicor ERP systems provide updated functionality that allows furniture companies to be on top of new market opportunities, growth management, agile manufacturing, and effective distribution. Our automated solutions help free you and your employees to think more innovatively about your business.

Manufacturing Software Solutions

Furniture and fixtures businesses are experiencing increased global pressure for rapid manufacturing and distribution of products. The Epicor manufacturing ERP solution helps alleviate this pressure by integrating into your existing business structure managing all the materials necessary for end-product requirements. It adjusts production with industry forecasts and generates suggested purchase orders to fill anticipated gaps in your raw material inventory. Epicor ERP Software is uniquely designed to bring new operational efficiencies, lower lead times, and reduce manufacturing costs for your business.

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