Epicor enterprise performance management

Epicor Enterprise Performance Management

Epicor Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) software is more than just your average measuring and monitoring tool. Epicor EPM helps you look toward the future, providing you with predictive analytics and actionable insights for your business’ growth. Cre8tive Technology and Design is an Epicor EPM software vendor, because we understand the importance of creating an exceptional operational structure that delivers results in terms of increased speed, decreased costs, and maintained quality.

Embedded into your Epicor ERP system, this corporate performance management software serves as a great resource for stakeholders as well —  allowing them to view how your company is tracking and how their part plays into the whole.

Enterprise Performance Management Suite Brochure

Enterprise Performance Management Suite Brochure

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Epicor EPM provides your organization with:

Easy-to-use dashboards to view data and key performance indicators


A foundation for interpreting big data and social analytics


Tools to assess data trends and relevant associations


Multiple data assessments condensed into one platform


Well-defined metrics and drivers specific to your organization

Enterprise Performance Management Suite Brochure

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