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Cre8tive Projects- Why Choose Cre8tive

Why Choose Cre8tive?

“Optivus had complex requirements for an ERP system. As a project driven medical device manufacturer, our needs were unique.  Epicor satisfied most manufacturing requirements.  However, without Cre8tive, Epicor would not have met our project management and reporting requirements.  Cre8tive provided the training and customizations needed to make our Epicor implementation a success."

– Optivus Proton Therapy, Inc.

Our Project Expertise Includes:

  • Enhanced project entry features that make it faster to enter tasks and assign resources.
  • Additional description fields that allow PMs to clarify the WBS phase and task — critical for larger, more complicated projects.
  • Full timesheet functionality that allows users to enter 1 or 2 weeks of time charges on a single screen:

•  Users can enter both project and indirect time charges

•  The timesheet automatically keeps track of your “recent” time entries, and allows you to quickly pick those again

•  Totals are shown by day and week, making it is easy to see when all entries are completed

•  Time charge notes can be entered into a pop-up textbox that includes spellcheck

•  The system can track remaining vacation time (PTO), and show the PTO balance on the timesheet

  • A complete set of dashboards to display time charges:

•  Dashboards for use by accounting, project managers, supervisors, indirect charge owners, and individual users.

•  Dashboards allow users to audit the time entries and ensure accuracy.

•  Managers can assign weekly work-hour and percent-based, direct time goals. The dashboard tracks the actual hours and the direct time percent against these goals.

•  Management reporting details how prompt a user is in entering time into the system. Many companies feel that a delay in time entry diminishes the accuracy of the data — this report helps track the delay.

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