Continual improvement goals

Continual Improvement of Epicor ERP

“Our entire team is available to provide ongoing services and support to optimize your investment in Epicor ERP and maximize your business results following the initial implementation.”

– Aaron Continelli
Cre8tive Technology and Design

Increase the Value of Your Investment

Your business invested a significant amount of time and money in implementing Epicor ERP; however, unless you have an internal Epicor ERP Administrator to continually adapt the system to meet changing business requirements, the value of that initial investment will decrease over time.

Hiring a Epicor ERP Administrator

With demand at an all-time high, finding an experienced Epicor ERP Administrator has become a significant challenge. Furthermore, hiring a full-time Epicor ERP Administrator can cost your company about $8,000 to $12,000 a month and — more importantly — will likely only have the skill set to make about 30 percent of the changes your business requires.

The Cre8tive Technology Solutions

Project management

Consulting Services – MFG & FIN

Technical Consultants

Training and Support

Business Analyst

Epicor ERP Administration

Complete Business & Technology Engineering Team

Our entire Epicor Certified Services Team includes Project Managers, Financial Consultants, Manufacturing Consultants, Supply Chain Consultants, Tools Consultants, Technical Consultants, Developers, and IT Administration. This comprehensive group provides ongoing services and support to help your Epicor ERP solution evolve – allowing you to get the most value from your investment.

Flexible to Fit Your Business Needs

While our entire team is available to make ongoing enhancements to your ERP solution, you have the flexibility to only use (and pay for) the level of support you need at any given time. So, for less than the cost of a full-time Epicor ERP Administrator, you can leverage our experienced team and take full advantage of everything the Epicor ERP platform has to offer.

Ongoing Services

Our project manager and services team will continually engage with you and your company to understand your unique business requirements. This understanding allows us to leverage all available technologies and our combined experiences to implement the appropriate changes. It also enables us to adapt and enhance your Epicor ERP platform so it continues to:

Improve bottomline results
Drive end-user adoption
Increase management visibility
Improve department efficiencies

Support & Training

The best way to drive user adoption is to ensure your users have access to incredible customer service and support. Cre8tive Technology offers world-class, “How To” support and solutions; as well as scheduled trainings to guarantee you’re supported every step of the way.

Complete Customization and Dashboards/Reports

The flexibility offered by the Epicor ERP solution is designed to meet your changing business requirements. This unparalleled flexibility includes: development of complex business process rules, automated processes, generation of dashboards and reports, and third-party application integration. In other words, you can trust that our team will customize your ERP solution to continually meet the needs of your business.

Services Summary

Minimum Contract Length 3 Months
Fixed-Fee Pricing The fixed-fee is determined by the agreed upon number of hours per month. Options range from 2O to 6O hours per month (note: any additional hours needed are billed at the same low rate).
Monthly Project Management Meeting A monthly meeting is set with the Cre8tive team to review any current issues and look into any enhancements we can make in the coming month. Following this meeting, our team has a plan to execute on. The work can range from Project Management and Financial Consulting to Technical Consultant and IT ERP Administration (i.e. any of Cre8tive’s areas of expertise).

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