Clould ERP

Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology

Epicor recognizes the role we play in providing and protecting some of your most critical business systems. That’s why Epicor Cloud ERP provides every client a world class operating environment that embraces the best practices and highest standards in our industry. All of our clients benefit from this state-of-the art environment which would otherwise be impractical, expensive or too onerous to implement in a legacy, on-premises deployment environment.

Each cloud client is deployed in one of our Tier 3/4 global data centers, all of which conform to global polices regarding Application Security, Client Data Management, Cloud Management and System Availability.

Application Security

As an ERP solution ‘born of the internet age’, Epicor ERP offers sophisticated application level security, providing robust in-application as well as external security processes to protect your critical data. These range from our offering role based security profiles, to advanced tenancy isolation data restrictions – all operating in concert to provide you both absolute control and confidence. Users are abstracted from database access, and interact with their ERP system through either the application user interface or secure web services calls, that themselves are isolated from the database by application layer business logic.

All cloud communication is heavily encrypted, and carefully monitored for irregularities or suspicious activities. Epicor also employs a ‘strong password’ policy and provides advanced account management policies (such as lockouts and idle account termination).

Data Management

Our cloud data management model is built upon multiple layers of data protection, ranging from traditional media-based backups stored off-site, to real-time replication and synchronization between our ‘production’ data centers and our backup (aka failover) data centers. Each data center is geographically separated from our production environments and provides multiple levels of system and data redundancy. This ensures you can trust the cloud with the highest levels of application resiliency and accessibility. Our world class data management policies provide our clients with peace of mind unimaginable in an on-premises deployment.

Cloud Management

Combining the highest levels of systems management with best practices and operational effectiveness is at the heart of our cloud management commitment to clients. We employ leading monitoring tools, including world class systems management and security management systems, which help us ensure system availability around the clock. All systems are monitored by a dedicated team of operations and security professionals committed to maintaining your servers, ensuring system availability, and proactively managing systems to ensure your secure access to Epicor Cloud ERP. To ensure ongoing readiness, we routinely audit and test these processes, procedures and staff to ensure operational readiness.

Our data centers meet the most stringent security and audit standards, including SSAE 16 (SOC 1 and 2). And we offer full support for clients whose operations are regulated by ITAR compliance requirements, as dictated by the US State Department.

More information on our operational standards and practices is available from your Epicor Account Manager.

System Availability

Globally deployment and universally available defines our application availability commitment. Our global network of data centers provides Epicor with the ability to optimize deployment and disaster recovery/fail-over processes for our clients. In the unlikely event of a catastrophic event disabling one of our production data centers, we can rapidly activate our fail-over process to automatically re-route clients to one of our backup data centers, which are at all times replicating data from production sites to mitigate against any data loss resulting from such a disaster. We routinely test our readiness for such failover actions and ensure our redundancy systems are ready at all times.

All of our systems are designed to include multiply redundant ‘critical paths’. This means that no single interruption (in power, data connectivity, hardware or software system) will disable your production environment. Clients take comfort in our 99.5% (financially backed) service level agreement, demonstrating our commitment to keeping your systems available. Our overinvestment in infrastructure and operations staff are all designed to drive out risks to business continuity related to the cloud deployment model and typically far exceed the capabilities of most ‘in-house’ IT departments.

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