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How We Can Help Transform Your Business Operations with the Cloud Based Epicor ERP Solution

Epicor ERP Cloud Consulting by Knowledeable Experts

The highly experienced team at Cre8tive Technology & Design can deliver a seamless, cost effective and efficient cloud based integration of the Epicor ERP solution into your current business operation systems.

We know that no two organizations are alike as it relates to the unique business challenges they face every day. That is why we are committed to a custom implementation of our cloud based, Epicor ERP product for every customer.

Cloud based technology has revolutionized the way business has been done in recent years. There are many advantages to sourcing the Epicor ERP solution through the cloud delivery method.

Team Collaboration Resources

Our cloud data management strategy takes a multi-level fail-safe approach, which ranges from the use of offsite, media based backups to replication and synchronization in real time between our production and auxiliary data centers. Production environments are geographically separated from our data centers, which provide several layers of information and system redundancy.

Relentless Security Technology

Comprehensive Protection – Our Epicor ERP cloud solution benefits from the most advanced and innovative security technology the industry has to offer. Our security strategy is two-fold, meaning  that protection is present both within the application, as well as externally to protect your critically important information. Data security ranges from user role based profile access to complete tenancy isolation data restrictions.

Our Cloud technology is heavily encrypted and constantly reviewed to ensure data and security integrity. The Epicor ERP product comes standard with a “strong password" protocol and employs security based user tools, such as lockouts and no activity account terminations. Security technology upgrades are always automatically updated through the cloud.

Other Important Benefits to Cloud Based Technology

Here are some other important advantages of accessing the Epicor ERP solution through the cloud, as compared to the traditional “on premises" delivery method.

No need to purchase in house servers or invest in future technology upgrades.

Scalability can be achieved without additional hardware configurations.

Security and encryption technology is automatically updated and monitored.

Licensing can be on a perpetual or subscription basis.

Cloud services are on a pay per use basis, no costly, ongoing maintenance fees.

The cloud based Epicor ERP solution provided by the experts at Cre8tive Technology & Design has had a substantial and lasting impact on the daily operations of many businesses. We strive ever day o find custom-made solutions that will address your unique business challenges. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your business take the efficiency of your internal operations to a new level success.

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